Exploring Scientifically Proven Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Pharmacognosy Review,2013,7,13,1-10.
Published:June 2013
Type:Review Article

Procreation was an important moral and religious issue and aphrodisiacs were sought to ensure both male and female potency. Sexual dysfunction is an inability to achieve a normal sexual intercourse, including premature ejaculation, retrograded, retarded or inhibited ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, arousal difficulties (reduced libido), compulsive sexual behavior, orgasmic disorder, and failure of detumescence. The introduction of the first pharmacologically approved remedy for impotence, Viagra (sildenafil) in 1990s caused a wave of public attention, propelled in part by heavy advertising. The search for such substances dates back millennia. An aphrodisiac is an agent (food or drug) that arouses sexual desire. The hunt for natural supplement from medicinal plants is being intensified mainly because of its fewer side effects. In this review, we have mentioned the pharmacologically tested (either in man or animal or in both) aphrodisiac plants, which have claimed for its uses.

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S. Kotta, Ansari, S. H. , and Ali, J. , Exploring Scientifically Proven Herbal Aphrodisiacs, Pharmacognosy Review, vol. 7, no. 13, pp. 1-10, 2013.