A Review on Some Important Medicinal Plants of Chlorophytum spp.

Pharmacognosy Review,2008,2,3,168-172.
Published:Jan 2008
Type:Plant Review
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Thakur Mayank and Dixit V.K*
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciecnes,
Dr. H.S. Gour University, Sagar (M.P.) 470003


A number of herbs belonging to the specie Chlorophytum are noted for their medicinal benefits in Ayurvedic, and Unani system of medicine. A lot of medicinally important attributes have been assigned to the plants of this specie. The important plants which have so far been explored include C. adescendens, C. borivilianum, C. laxum, C. tuberosum and C. comosum. Although, pandemic in usage, there is an exiguity of scientific literature proclaiming medicinal benefits of the plants belonging to Chlorophyutm spp. It is only in the recent past that there has been an opulence of research work on the medicinal cultivation and biotechnological virtues the plants in this species. The present review is a pragmatic approach to accrue the findings on this very important spp.


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